How A Smart Restaurant POS Provides Complete Restaurant Management

Smart Restaurant POS: A Complete Restaurant Management

Wouldn’t it be convenient if there was a single integrated solution that allowed you to manage every aspect of your restaurant operation from a single location? Well, thanks to technological advancement there is a smart restaurant POS that can. POS or Point of Sale implementation is the easiest way to automate the functioning of your restaurant. For those of you who are new to this system, POS is not merely a billing system but a comprehensive and complete restaurant management system that allows for end-to-end management of all restaurant activities. Right from the front end operations such as billing and customer serving to backend kitchen operations, POS can streamline and automate the entire process. Let’s try to understand POS step by step.

What is Restaurant POS?

A point of sale system that manages the transactions occurring at a restaurant is called a restaurant POS software. Earlier POS was just seen as a restaurant billing software that could accept orders and generate receipts. However as the cloud technology evolved, so did the POS. Equipped with Stock & Inventory Management, Smart Reporting & Analytics, CRM and much more, the POS is now a complete restaurant management system.

KOT( kitchen order taking )

A unique process which gives the alert to kitchen for receiving of the order and automatically get printed into kitchen printer.

Tablet Ordering

The new modern system of tablet ordering is growing and replacing legacy hard copy physical system.

Table Management

User can create unlimited tables with size and number of seats . it's simples mean that restaurant can create his own seating layout .

Multiple Payment Method

Relax Pos has capability to received the payment into multiple method / multiple currency mode like cash,cheque, cards ,mobile money,online payment. Getways like paytm,phonepay etc.

Multi Screen

Hold order process for multiple biling or booking at same time.

Split- biling

This is a offen requirement to the POS to split beverages and food bills into with even different customer names.

Accepting online orders

This has below integration available to accept orders Accepting orders from online food aggregators – the pos has a capability to handshake orders and delivery status from major food aggregators such as – swiggy , Zomato, foodpanda and ubereats etc.

Inventory Managemt-/Online production

Relax POS has unique feature to consume the raw and ingredients(based on pre-deifined below bill of material) as soon as you post the sales invoive.

Restaurant Marketing

Relax POS has option to fill the customer information like customer name, phone number , Thankyou meassages & mails , birthday and anniversary alerts , whatsapp messages , Sales offer messages , customer feedback.

Centralised reporting with multi location support.

In short Relax POS is watching your business from THIRD 🐦 eyes and alert you in time for gaps.

Complaint Management

Gone are the days when client care reports were taking notes by hand or sparing clients' objections and inquiries in Microsoft Word. Companies these days utilize computerized complaint management to streamline client care the board and eliminate complex issues in a brief and proficient way.

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