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Customer Relationship Management: CRM 101

Well, if you are here, you probably must have heard what does CRM stand for? Customer Relationship Management!! But that's not why you are here, right? What is CRM? Why it's important for your business? How does it align with different arms of your business? If these are the questions buzzing in your mind, then you are at the right place. Let's get started.

What is CRM?

Let's take a look at the literal definition of the term first. CRM is basically a technology or in other words, it is an approach to managing the relations and interaction of a business with its potential and current customers. Using data analytics to study the trend of customer’s association with your business, the goal is to improve business relationships.
CRM is not just a technology, but a great medium to build improved customer relationships, superior customer experience and eventually increased revenue.
The aim is to help you focus on your business’s association with customers that may include individuals, service users, contractors and suppliers and at the same time focussing on finding potential customers and maintaining superior customer experience. CRM is a business strategy defined with a philosophy dedicated to putting the customer first so as to improve revenues and profitability.

How does CRM work?

What CRM does is, it aligns with different arms of the business to compile and analyze the data from several channels such as website, telephone, email, live chat, marketing mechanisms, and social media. This data facilitates the businesses in understanding more about the target audience and how to cater to them effectively.
A CRM system is designed to provide a clear picture of your customer associations. A customizable dashboard that gives a detailed description of your relationship trend with customers, like order history, the status of pending orders, outstanding customer grievances and much more.
In today’s world, with so many options to choose from, customer loyalty is difficult to maintain. The customers are picky and the moment a new product is offered at a better deal, they don’t hesitate to switch brands. Despite this being reality, all customers cannot be equally judged. Some spend less but try to extract the full value of the service, while others are open to new market sources and do not hesitate to try new products and may even be a good influencer when it comes to word of mouth publicity. Now, this is where CRM comes into action. It helps bifurcate the customer type so that your business can prioritize the sales and marketing efforts accordingly. Some of the positive implications of CRM are:

  • Bits of help make an improvement to the bottom line.
  • Helps in better identification and categorizations of leads.
  • Provides better cross-selling and upsetting opportunities.
  • Helps you deliver superior customer support.
  • Helps you improve product and services.

So here we are with in-depth explanation of CRM and why it’s important for you as a business. Hope this helps to clarify any doubts, but if you still have any, do get in touch with us and let us help you explore the world of better business with CRM solutions.

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