Hardware Requirement of Server Machine for Relax ERP

If you are planning to implement an ERP system, there are a few things that need to be considered. There are a few pre-request but the important one to consider is the hardware requirement. Unsupported hardware may cause significant troubles leading to unnecessary time and money consumption.

The hardware requirement will alter under the influence of many different factors that should be taken into account. To make the perfect estimation of the hardware requirement for the ERP. Hence our recommendations to help you identify if your current version of hardware meets the requirements for optimum performance of Relax ERP. The prerequisite for our software is specific which includes a processor that must be of 1.8 GHz x 86-64 architecture Intel i3, Core i7, and Core i5, equivalent or above. The RAM size should be 8 GB, screen resolution required is 1366 x 768 or Higher and the operating system of 64-bit editions of Microsoft Windows 8.1 and above.

The above-mentioned specs are only an indication of the hardware requirement and may change depending on usage, number of users, size of your data file and several other factors. Hence the actual requirements and suggestions can only be put after actual analysis of these factors. In order to ensure security and safety always make sure that your system is updated to the latest version of respective OSs. Having an updated operating system enables automatic security updates.

Particulars Recommended Configuration
Processor 1.8 GHz x86-64 architecture Intel i3,Core i5, Core i7 equivalent or above
Ram 8 GB
Hard Disk 500 GB
Monitor Resolutions 1366 x 768 or Higher*
Operating System 64-bit editions of Microsoft Server 2012/Windows 8.1 and above