Software Requirement for Relax ERP

If you are a fast-growing retail business yet relying on excel reports & multiple systems to manage your routine? Hold on this is the time to move on and run your growing business on the secure most trusted, and complete ERP system in the advanced world. Before you install an ERP system, you must know about the software requirement because unsupported software may cause a significant problem eventually leads to time and money wastage.

It is always challenging to select new business software (ERP, distribution, manufacturing, or accounting systems) because defining a company's activity and business requirements are difficult to achieve in a prompted and focused manner. Developing a concise list and clear aspect of these requirements or distributing this list to suppliers or evaluating the supplier feedback is even more difficult. So it is very important to know the prerequisites of the software before you install ERP software to use it effectively and efficiently. Though the software requirement alters with the many factors.

To make the correct estimation of the software required for the ERP. So our particulars and recommendations will help you to identify the current version of software meets the requirements for optimum performance of Relax ERP. The prerequisite for our software is very specific which includes a Database with the specification that is Microsoft SQL Server 2012,2014 and Upper Version. The .Net Framework requirements include Microsoft®.NET Framework 3.5 SP1,4.0 and Upper Version and Microsoft®.NET Framework 3.5 SP1,4.0 and Upper Version.

Particulars Recommended Version
Data Base Microsoft® SQL Server 2012,2014 and Upper Version.
.Net Framework Microsoft®.NET Framework 3.5 SP1,4.0 and Upper Version.
Microsoft® Report Viewer Microsoft® Report Viewer Version 11 and Upper Version.