RelaxG is a windows based compliance platform for managing tax automation, financial reporting, GST returns, forms and transactional compliance.

Major Features of RelaxG software:

The GST system requires specific transactional data to be uploaded to the GSTN portal on a periodic basis to complete tax returns. This requirement is highly data intensive and therefore following are required to be ensured:

  • Frequent Reconciliations
  • Error Checking and
  • Continuous Updating of Incorrect Invoices

Our GST Returns solution is continuously updated with new forms and tax information logic.

Unique features of our GST Returns & Reconciliations, and Invoice Data import offering:

Generation of all GST Returns (GSTR1, GSTR2, GSTR3…) based on uploaded invoices and counter party actions
Utility to reconcile with the counterparties’ transactional data through advanced data matching techniques and generation of mismatch report
Posting of Outward/Inward Transactions for Regular and Amendment filings with workflow based data processing
Source friendly connectors to extract invoice data from your ERP or other source systems and post the data to GSTN


  • Data can easily imported from your source systems to GSTN portal via source friendly data connectors
  • Minimize too many to-and-fro reconciliations with your counterparties
  • Plug leakages in input tax credit by capturing transactional data using multiple integration options
  • Audit friendly versioning to file amendments for any previous months by applying respective tax validation and computation rules
  • Built-in OTP functionality for secure filing of returns
  • Tax determination in GST regime could be a complex and complicated activity.
  • The GST system will have 5 different rate-slabs
  • There are already thousands of HSN/SAC codes in place for various goods & services
  • Therefore, any organization must be prepared for multiple permutations of tax treatments
  • The level of difficulty in tax determination could increase with frequent changes of statutory notifications
Live API Call
Offline Synchronization
  • High performance RESTful web service based API
  • Master data synchronization
  • Data Mapping from Source system and Tax Configuration
  • Millisecond response of computed tax values to source system
  • Scheduler based bi-directional FTP Synchronization
  • Transactional data picked from FTP folders, computed tax values, and invoices pushed into FTP
  • Useful for legacy systems that do not support web services


  • Obviates the need to maintain the tax base in your business system
  • Enables flawless determination of the correct applicable tax type such as CGST/ IGST/ SGST
  • Can be seamlessly integrated with any ERP like SAP, Microsoft, Oracle, Tally etc.
  • Responsive, high availability, scalability, elastic hosting and service based architecture
  • Enables calculation of total tax amount at line-item level by applying:
    • Right tax slab rates
    • Place of supply, and
    • Place of service rules

The upcoming GST regime could require businesses to submit detailed information frequently.

  • Tracking more number of Returns, Notice and Alerts through Spreadsheets, Emails and Physical Registers could be a recipe for disaster, especially if you have multiple operating units across multiple states (for more GST Numbers)
  • Businesses cannot afford to make mistakes in return filing, or miss the prescribed deadlines
  • Therefore, it is imperative to have all your taxation data consolidated at one place

Integrated Dashboards are undoubtedly the need of the hour:


  • Minimize your MIS costs with our GST reporting and analytics
  • Decentralize your tax data preparation and centralize your tax conformity
  • Seamless integration with all data visualization tools.
  • Single dashboard to view compliances by location, role, and time
  • Offers highly configurable views that helps you to drill down data by:
    • Compliance type,
    • Location,
    • Client, and
    • User

The GST system expects all invoices to be generated in the GSTN prescribed format. It may be assumed that invoices generated from some enterprise systems will not be in the required format.

This is the gap that our GST Billing System can bridge.

Our tax compliant billing system allows the user to Enter and Reverse integrate tax transactions with API or FTP to ERPs or other source systems for automatic tax computation. There are two ways to access our GST Billing System:

Manual Punch In
FTP/Web-service Integration
  • Manually record Invoices or Transactions and other details
  • Process Invoices can be generated with accurate tax amount
  • Completed transactions can be posted to a data file of the required format
  • The data file can be uploaded into the client ERP system
  • Client System upload SO & PO to sFTP / Web API
  • The SO & PO will be picked up by system, and Invoices will be created against them with all necessary Tax values
  • Reverse integration of processed files
  • Additional file formats and transformations can be configured as per the client’s requirement

Unique features of our GST Billing System offering:

  • Enter localized invoices and print Tax (GST) Compliant Invoice
  • RelaxG would facilitate for creation of Inward & Outward transactions
  • GSTIN/Branch/Location/Client level reports of invoicing & transactions
  • Integration with Taxilla for GSTN reporting, returns filing & reconciliation
  • Reverse integrate with respective ERP’s or Source Business Software using RESTful web API / 2-way FTP synchronization


  • Single system for Transaction Management, Invoice Generation and Tax Processing
  • Get complete visibility over sales, and control over expnditures with interactive dashboards and planned payments
  • Import transactional data from other enterprise applications and export reports in multiple formats
  • Create Credit and Debit notes to record reverse transactions and set payment terms based on customer or transaction
  • Your data is secure at your in-house server

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